Combo Wise - Change log

18 Oct, 2018: UI Improvement
UI for combo product listing, add combo and edit combo was changed. Provided UI simplicity and flexibility.
18 Oct, 2018: Auto title generator
Reversible auto title generator persisted.
18 Oct, 2018: Auto product replacement
Bug fix for multiple script injection.
18 Oct, 2018: Auto tag and description
Now the app can automatically inject tags and description of the child product.
29 Oct, 2018: Bug fix for repeated image and description injection
Now for repeated product in combo there will be unique image and description.
05 JAN, 2019: Bug fixed, removed stats and code optimized
Combo code was optimized to gain the response speed.
10 JULY, 2019: catalog module
Combo product catalog widget was added.
28 DEC, 2019: Combo product listing
Combo product listing pagination issue was fixed.
28 DEC, 2019: Combo product delete
Combo product delete from shopify admin was handled
13 JAN, 2020: Version 2 was released
New widget, new features, bug fixes, security, flexible combo, SEO optimizations, Auto pull inventory
30 SEP, 2020: Version 3 was released
Variant selector draft order combo, bug fixes, New combo builder, UI enhancement, SEO optimizations
07 FEB, 2021: Discount title
Variant selector draft order combo - Discount title for automated discount was added
04 April, 2021: Release V 3.1
1. Inventory management for basic combo: Now you can config basic combo inventory management i.e none, shopify, combowise
2. Basic combo child inventory reduce: Now you can change inventory reduce event for the basic combo i.e on order creation, on order fulfilment.
3. Bug fixes
28 April, 2021: Release V 4.0
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13 Sept, 2021: Release V 4.6
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30 Nov, 2021: Release V 4.8
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24 July, 2022: Release V 5.0
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30 Oct, 2022: Release V 5.2
Shopify service upgraded to use shopify api version 2022-04
12 Nov, 2022: Release V 5.5
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02 JAN, 2024: Release V 5.9
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24 JAN, 2024: Release V 6.0
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