Combo wise - Version: 4.0 - Release notes

  • 3.5 Added fulfillment type for the basic combo

    Now, You can select whether you want to full bundle as single product or want it to be split in the order so you can fulfill it individually. 

  • 1.6 Box of N products

    So we have added one more catalog type for all your box bundling needs. Now you can create a bundle i.e "Box of 6" and customer have to select 6 product out of 10 products.

  • Changed widget design

    Now, we have more flexible, interactive and mobile first widget designs.

    Combo wise widget design  

  • Fixed bugs

    Now creating a bundle is more bug free. We have fixed all the bugs reported till date.

  • Changed some title

    Variant selector draft to Variant select - With discount
    Variant selector basic to Variant selector - Without discount

  • Upgraded to Shopify admin API version 04/2021

    This was important for us to upgrade API version because Shopify deprecating older API features.