Beauty of Symfony

by Charanpahari app

In this era of revaluation and transformation, one of the major contributions of web development Php holds itself. Php evolved and comes with a variety of popular frameworks like Laravel, Yii, CodeIgniter, Zend and Symfony.

Peoples always ask me why to choose Symfony as our next PHP framework?

Symfony widely used by many developers due to its robust security, it's well-structured architecture, super-fast caching, twig as templating engine, ORM, modular structure even it helps us to develop the most complicated application in very easy way thanks to Fabien Potencier and contributors to writing Symfony for us. 

So let's focus on its beauty - 

1. Modular cum MVC structure

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Symfony comes with a scalable directory structure that getting more simplified with days. Symfony allows as to keeps our URL routes, controllers, presentation layers and business logic in different folders that speed up the development process and allow developers to easily add new features, perform complex tasks, build larger projects in very less time. 

2. Performance

Yes, You heard right. Symfony performance is incredible due to its everyday optimization. Need some proof? Look at Synfony changelog see how many times you can find the word “performance.” Almost every new version touches performance in some way.

3. Symfony profiler

Symfony profiler helps us to monitors the performance of our web application thank Fabien Potencier for this awesome tool. 

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This profiler appears at the bottom of the project during development that can also be expanded into a full-fledged dashboard that shows the complete details of various activities like a number of database query executed, execution time, error debugger and many more.

4. Symfony security

Symfony comes with a beautiful authentication and powerful authorization

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Symfony security is near to my heart. You can see in the image with a little 10 line code you can build a complex security system. Here you can create route firewalls, Suppose the only role with ROLE_ADMIN is authorized to access route /admin/user or an anonymous user is allowed to access route /login, you can see it is easily handled by access_control at line 28. 

Don't you think you should have your reason for using Symfony for your next project? Trust me you will have more concrete cause once you actually start knowing more about Symfony.