Top 3 bundling strategies for the online stores

by Charanpahari app

Product bundling is a pricing strategy to get more customers to buy more products and unlock you to boost sales, grow your revenue, and improve your customer's average order value.

Customers prefer it because they can buy a package and will save more if they purchase a bundled item at a cheaper price instead of buying them as individual products.

Below are the 3 top product bundling ideas that you can easily experiment with for your store.

1. Basic combo

Group multiple products to create a single product that can be purchased together for a fixed price.

It's also the easiest type of bundle you can offer in your store! 
Combowise basic combo
2. Mix & Match

The bundle is widely used by many offline stores. This is an opportunity for the customer to select a combination of similar purchased products.

              Ideal for stores selling top and bottoms separately
3. Box of N

Box of N provides freedom to customers to select N products for a fixed price.

Online stores you this bundle to sell multiple products together in a kit, or to create a customized product from smaller, individual items.

Ideal for stores who want customers to select N products out of M products for a discounted price