How to create a "Basic Bundle" in shopify ?

by Charanpahari app

  • A basic combo can be purchased as a single product.
  • Inventory of the child product will be reduced on order creation/fulfilment (optional)
  • A basic combo is itself a product (parent product) consisting of child products
  • A basic combo when added to the cart it adds line-item property

Step 1:

  1. Catalog type: Select “Basic combo”
    Basic combo variant selection

Step 2:

  1. Select child variants
    Basic combo variant selection
  2. Pull inventory
    basic combo pull inventory
  • Child inventory will be pulled after order creation/fulfilment. Valid only if combo sold as a single product.
  • Only applicable to the selected Childs
  1. Pull images
    • Mark the check box if you wish to add images to the bundle product.
    • Basic combo pull images

Step 3:

  • 1 – Title
    • An amazing title to this bundle.
  • 2 - Bundle price
    • The actual price of the bundle that a customer needs to pay.
  • 3 - Compare price
    • Compare price of the bundle. Must be greater than or equal to the bundle price
  • 4 - Bundle tags
    • Add tags for the bundle. Click to “Auto-Tag” to auto-populate from the child products
  • 5 – Fulfillment type
    • Single
      • Bundle products in the order will be visible as a single product.
      • Recommended if you want to fulfil the entire bundle at once.
    • Split in order
      • Bundle products in the order will get replaced by the child products in the bundle
      • Recommended if you want to fulfil individual child line items
      • Basic combo split in order
    • 6 – Inventory Management
      • None
        • Continue selling when child products are out of stock.
      • Shopify
        • The bundle has its own pre-defined inventory
        • Inventory quantity will be managed by Shopify.
      • Combowise
        • The inventory quantity of the bundle will be managed dynamically by the app
        • The bundle will be flagged sold out if child products inventory is out of stock
        • Our scheduler runs every two minutes to update combo product inventory
      • 8 - Child inventory reduce event
        • If pull inventory (step 2) for the child is marked true